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Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Things Friday! Fall Projects~

We shared our favorite Halloween Projects a few weeks ago, so now we are sharing our Favorite Fall Projects.


Maya’s Layout


Amelia’s Layout


Candy’s Fall Banner


Rachelle’s Fall Card


Jamie’s Fall Card


Katy’s Journal


Laura’s Home Decor


Magda’s Fall Card


Kimberly’s Fall Banner

Join us for the next few Favorite Things Friday, as we head into our favorite Holiday and Christmas favs.



Have a great weekend!

Favorite Things Friday! Halloween Projects.

Well now that Halloween is over.. what do you do with all of your homemade Halloween projects?

I personally sell most of them, however I do keep a few of my favorites.

This year I decided to bring back the popular pinterest favorite Rosette Pumpkin. I taught this as a class a long time ago, skipped it last year.. and brought it back this year..

This year however I liked it more, so it’s on my list as one of my favorite Halloween projects.


My designers made a variety of things this Halloween and here are their favorite projects!

pumpkin copy

My Fav. The paper rosette pumpkin.


Amelia’s fav. Super Fun!


Jamie’s fav. Wall hanging.


Jessica’s Fav. Wall hanging.


Katy’s Paper Pumpkin.. too cute!


Kelly’s Mixed Media Art.


Laura’s fav. Halloween frame.


Rachelle’s fav. Halloween art.

Favorite Things Friday! Mini Albums

Do you have a mini album obsession? Do you have a favorite mini album? I made many mini albums. Some I sell, some are gifts, and some I can’t seem to let go. This week we are supposed to share a photo of our favorite mini album. Looks like my designers were able to narrow it down to just one.. but I was not able to pick one!

So here is a picture of a few of my favorite mini albums.

My Favorite Mini's

My Favorite Mini’s

Here is a look at my design teams favorite mini albums that they made.

Amelia's Fav. Mini

Amelia’s Fav. Mini

Magda's favorite

Magda’s favorite

Laura's Fav. Mini

Laura’s Fav. Mini

Katy's Fav. Mini

Katy’s Fav. Mini

Jessica's Fav. Mini

Jessica’s Fav. Mini

Jamie's Fav. Mini

Jamie’s Fav. Mini

Heidi's Fav. Mini

Heidi’s Fav. Mini

Candy's Fav. Mini

Candy’s Fav. Mini

Feel free to link up your favorite mini albums.

Favorite Things Friday! Fall Collections!

Do you have a favorite Fall or Halloween Collection that you are hording?   Do you buy the same collection every year since you can’t get enough of it?

I have a favorite Halloween Collection that I use for a few card classes that I teach every year.  The customers love the Halloween cards we make from this collection.

My Favorite Fall or Halloween Collection is the Thrilling Collection from Authentique.


Here is a look at a few other collections some of my designers picked as their favorites.

Leave a comment letting us know what your favorite fall or Halloween collection is.

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