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April Walker

Meet April~ our new Design Team Member.

Hi everyone! My name is April and I’m 34. I’ve been married for 15 years to my amazing hubby Mark and we have two sweet girls Emily & Madison. We all live in the gorgeous mountains of NC and absolutely love it here!
I’ve been scrapbooking since June of 2008. I’ve always had a huge love for photography but got tired of just sticking my pictures into photo albums and wanted to do more with them. One day while surfing online, I came across a scrappy website and was instantly hooked! Since then I’ve been building up my supplies (hello, shopping!) and scrapping my heart out and I’ve never looked back. There’s nothing better than finding a hobby you love that you can also use to record memories for your family, and I love it!
I’m super excited to be a part of Kimberly’s team here at Scrap It Girl and look forward to visiting your blogs and checking out your work! Anytime you’d like to visit me, please feel free to at my blog (http://scrapperforever.blogspot.com). Have an awesome day!!

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