Happy 6th Birthday~

6 years ago today I decided to start a Paper Crafts Business… I called it Scrap It Girl.  I got the name from a previous name I had, which was Trivia Girl.  I owned a Trivia business for many years and I was known as Trivia Girl.. so for some reason 6 years ago Scrap It Girl sounded fine.  Not so sure now.. but it’s to late for a  name change.



I did however change my logo a few years ago.. who remembers this awful logo?  lol  Wow.. what was I thinking?



I started out only teaching scrapbooking, stamping, and card making.  I currently teach cricut classes, kids craft classes, altered art/mixed media, Copic classes, Zutter classes, tool training, home decor, and  private/group classes.  I also only started teaching out of my home classroom. But now you can find me at the Kenosha Public Museum, Kenosha Hobby Lobby, Kenosha Public Schools, Country Clubs, and a few stores in my area.

It wasn’t easy to start my business.. it of course took money, space, time, and connections.  It also took tons of patience.  I did everything myself and paid for it myself using the sale of my last business to get me started.  I have had ups and downs.. busy months and slow months.. but I keep going.

I have had and I still have women in my life that think this was easy and they try to take me down with their childish attempts, slander, and false accusations.  Yes.. as small as my business is.. it still brings the mean girls out to play.  I can’t let it get to me, it only motivates me more and helps push me to the next level.  I remind myself to keep true to myself, stick to my own goals, and don’t look back.



6 years in and I have made many changes, made mistakes, and made progress.  I continue to teach about 3-5 classes per week, which is by far my favorite thing to do.  I still create something just about every day and I still look for ways to grow my business.

A few new things I have started this year is my FAVORITE THINGS FRIDAY POSTS and my  SUNDAY SHARES.  On Fridays, my designers and I share a picture and post of our Favorite things that coincide with the theme we pick.  It’s a fun way to take a look at what other crafters love, get new ideas, and take a look at what we really love.  My Sunday shares is something I started in 2013.  I just do a brief post on my Facebook pages sharing my favorite places locally or on-line.  It’s somewhat of a promotional feature for those business’s.  I also just added 9 new designers to my team.


Over the years I have kept myself busy with teaching more classes, taking classes, attending paper-craft events, and becoming more involved with social networking. I am a huge fan of instagram, pinterest, twitter, and of course Face-BookI have also made my classroom bigger, added a tiny store to my studio, and continue to use new products and tools in my classes I teach. 

A couple of years ago I added  Birthday Parties and Events to my schedule.  I rent out party products, create party decorations , and host Kids Crafty Birthday parties in my classroom, at Sandy’s Popper and the Kenosha Hobby Lobby.


A few things that I have always done and will continue to do is host crops or crafting parties.  I will continue to buy the best products, teach people how to use new and old tools, and continue to take classes myself so that I have more to bring to my customers.  I don’t take advantage of or take for granted the friends and business connections I have made.  I appreciate all the customers I have had and I look forward to another year of growing, learning, teaching, and looking ahead.



Count down to my Anniversary…Giveaway~

Do you celebrate your 1/2 birthday?  You know what I mean… don’t you?  It’s the 1/2 way mark till your next Birthday.  Remember when we were kids we couldn’t wait to be able to say we were 10 1/2 since it sounded so much older than just saying 10.  Well now that I have hit my 40′s.. I leave the 1/2 off.  So now I am focusing on my years in business instead of my actual age.

So with that said, it’s almost my 5 1/2 year anniversary for SCRAP IT GIRL.    On June 27 it will be 5 1/2 years ago that I took my passion of Paper Crafts from a Hobby into a Business.   It wasn’t easy.. it took a lot of start-up money, courage, and tons of space.  I went from about 600 square feet of craft room to having about 1,200 square feet.  I have a classroom, bathroom, mini store, personal creative space, and a craft storage room full of cabinets and counter space.  I am now in the process of doing a make over.. after 5 1/2 years the walls are getting full of paint stains, marks, and tons of nail holes.  I am picking new paint colors and converting a kids game closet into more craft storage space.  You can see what it currently looks like by checking out this page of my crafty rooms.   Once my new rooms are done I will update that page.

As much fun as having this business has been, I wish I can say it was always easy & fun.  But with all good things there has been a few bumps and bruises.  Of course when you are doing well and are happy.. the haters are waiting to bring you down.  I have about 5 women in my life that have tried to take me down.. all local girls who once pretended to be my friend.    But as you can see.. all they have really done is pushed me to do more, be better, and work harder.  They can continue with their games, rumors, copy cat routine, and nasty tricks.  My real friends and customers keep me going, stand by me, and know the real stories.  I have built great relationships with other business’s, other craft instructors, designers, and on-line companies.. and I thank them for their help and support.

I now have several other friends looking to get into their own Paper Craft business.. all I can say is that it takes a lot of time and work.  We don’t make millions but we do make tons of new friends, which is all I really need~  Enjoy what you do and every thing else won’t matter.

I made a ton of mistakes along the way.. one of them was this first logo i used.  Look at how crazy busy it is.. omg.. what was I thinking?   I love my new logo.

newcolologo blinky logo_with_site_address long logo - facebook with web




New_Scrap_it_girl_logo_RGB_Web copy New_Scrap_it_girl_logo_RGB_Web copy_edited-1





















My best friend created my new logo and I now have many options when using it.  Another mistake I made was sharing too much information with women who later tried to sabotage me.  Now I keep my business to myself.  Not everyone needs to know the in’s and out’s of your daily business.  As helpful as I want to be.. I learned the hard way. I still to this day have a 2 of the 5 girls Facebook stalking me and creating unnecessary drama.   I just have to let it go and concentrate on myself and my business.


I would love to get in the spirit of celebrating my 5 1/2 year anniversary by giving a few packages away.  I will do one a week for the rest of the month.

All you have to do is like my SCRAP IT GIRL Facebook page and leave me a comment here letting me know if you have a paper craft business or if you are interested in working from home breaking into the craft industry.  I would love to hear your opinions.


I am giving away this collection this week:

  • Heidi Swapp Bronzer Color shine
  • Prima Mixed media doll stamp
  • 12 yards paper twine
  • Crafter’s Workshop Cosmic Bubbles stencil
  • 4″ Jenni Bowlin mini book
june2013 036

1 of 3 5 1/2 year anniversary giveaway~

A couple of Layouts…

I feel like I am behind on posts, work, classes, laundry, kids stuff, etc… I wish I could spend a week
playing catch up, but that’s not gonna happen.  So here I am with a quick post and a few updates.
This is a layout that is on display and for sale at Hannah’s in Antioch.. Buy the kit and make this layout.
Authentique Paper & Tag, Jenni Bowlin bows and banners.

This is a layout that is for sale in kits at A Piece of Mine in Kenosha.
Perfect Layout getting ready for Halloween. 
I am now selling my own 12×12 double page layouts Scrapbook kits in  2 stores in Kenosha.  I am also selling Halloween and Christmas decorations, tags, coasters, and kids accessories.  My local friends will know where to find me and my
new items that are for sale.  Just look for the Scrap It Girl logo and you will know it’s one of mine~ 
I am still moving to my new website.. I just haven’t had enough time to finish it.   Thank you for all of the
wonderful feedback to those of you that checked it out.. so far I love wordpress.. a few of you are already making the
move with me.  Well off to put the kids to bed, hope you like my layouts and don’t forget to add your “fruity” layout to this weeks challenge.
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