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scrap it girl class

Where am I? Teaching, Creating, & Sharing.

It’s been a while since I updated everyone as to where I am,  so I am using this post to fill you in.

Every Tuesday a.m I am still teaching some kind of paper craft class in my home studio.. I will be hitting my 7 year anniversary of that in January.

Wednesday’s I will be teaching either a private class in my studio, a make up class or a class at my local Hobby Lobby. I have been the paper craft instructor at my hobby lobby since 2009. My local hobby lobby is moving to a new location in January, once we are settled in I will hold a new store crop there and giveaway classes, supplies, and more. So look out for details regarding that special crop event.  I also do evening classes if I am repeating a class or if someone schedules a class for that time. Most of my private classes are now evening classes.

I teach a kids craft class once a month during the school year. These classes are usually Friday’s at 1:30-3:30 and are typically seasonal or holiday projects.

Besides teaching a few classes a week, I also sell kits to all the classes I teach. So if you can’t make it to a class, you can at least get a kit and make it on your own.

I am still teaching cricut classes, mini albums, cards, stamping, tool training, scrapbooking, and more.
Just because my business name is Scrap It Girl.. please don’t think I only scrap. In fact.. my Tuesday class has been more altered art, home décor and holiday décor projects more than it has been scrapbooking.


Besides my paper craft classes.. I still host birthday parties, in store event, classes at schools, crops, and I sell supplies. But more often than not.. you can find me on-line. I have 5 blogs/websites, 5 Facebook business pages, tons of twitter, pinterest, and instagram accounts. So I am on-line a lot of the time. I am also trying to finish up some on-line classes I started early in the summer.. this has been taking up so much time that I slowed down my class schedule. Once I finish with my classes you will see more changes to my on-line accounts.

I still get offered plenty of opportunities to work with many great companies.. but with my busy schedule I plan to hold off on working with any more until January. I will be having a new Design Team call in January in preparation for new things to come. So I hope you apply!

Take a look at some of the companies you can find me currently connected to.
I love them all and I am grateful for all the great opportunities I am given. It’s been a bumpy ride getting to work with amazing companies.. but I know that the ones I am connected to right now are the best I have been with and I am lucky!

Hobby Lobby 
Close To My Heart 
Tuesday Morning
Love My Tapes
Love My Fabrics
Design Team Calls
Scrap Challenge
Scrap It Girl

The best way to get on my class schedule is to attend a class or message me about a class.. then I will add you to my email list.

Have a great day and I hope to see you soon!

Remember This…

Do you remember my Button & Burlap Class that I teach?  Well I did two myself… one was the letter “C” and one was a heart.  The “C” went into a frame and the Heart.. is finally finished~  I just love it~  I did both pieces w/ in a few hours.  Easy DIY project.  Each button and embellishment is hand sewn on.. no hot glue was used.


You just start with one layer of flat bigger buttons, then slowly add a second layer to cover any holes.  You do not want to do one section at a time, if you do you will waste buttons, time, and you will have a really thick /heavy letter or shape.   You can basically see every button that I used.  I don’t try to cover up any buttons.  My friend Pam, the sewing queen made my heart into a pillow.  I love how it turned out.  My letter C, is currently re-framed and is for sale.  My Heart found a new home on my favorite chair in my craft room.  The chair is done by another awesome friend of mine Susan from Chic Retiques.  It’s nice to have such crafty friends in my life~



favthings 005 copy

My Perfect Pillow

favthings 006 copy

Sitting in my Craft Room

hobbylobby 005

Before Picture





















If you want to make one of these I have several classes coming up.

  • Wednesday June 26 5:30-8:30 $30
  • Wednesday July 10  5:30-8:30 $30
  • Wednesday July 17  11:30-2:30 poolside w/ lemonade  $30

RSVP is needed. Buttons, Burlap, Thread, Needle, & Embellishments provided.  No frame or Pillow material.  All classes are at my Studio.  If you want to make your own I do sell buttons, burlap, and the thread that is needed.

If you want to take my class I need to know what shades of buttons you want. I also need to know the letter or shape.


thanks for taking a peek~ Happy Monday

Kids Halloween Class @ Hannah’s

Kids Halloween Class

Halloween is only 17 days away.  Have your kids contributed to your Halloween Decor?  Well, sign them up for this class.  They will create 2 Halloween decorations for your home.

They will create a Halloween sign and decorate a mummy coffin.  2 projects, tons of painting, and 2 hours of creativity.  Sign them up soon.

Thursday October 25th  10:00-Noon 
Kids Halloween Altered Art Class  $28 
@ Hannah’s Home Accents in Antioch Illinois.

Your kids will choose what color they want to paint the coffin and the sign.  They will also use tons of ribbon, buttons, stickers, and other fun products to decorate their signs.
RSVP is needed asap so we can prep for class.  Email Kimberly ( Scrap It Girl) scrapitgirl@wi.rr.com or call the store to RSVP your childs spot.

Classes @ Hannah’s in September

Are you ready for some Fall Classes?   Starting in October I will be teaching my Heidi Swapp inspired classes along with my new Tag Classes but for now here is a quick look at my classes that are left this month at Hannah’s.
Advanced Cricut: Thursday Sept. 13th 10-Noon $25
Scrapbooking: Thursday Sept. 13th 1- 3 $25
Button & Burlap class: Saturday Sept. 15 10-Noon $28
Glass Block Halloween Jar or Light: Saturday Sept. 15 1-3 $25
Create w/ the Cricut: Thursday Sept. 20 $25 1-3
Display Frame/Home Décor: Thursday Sept. 20 $40 10-Noon
Cricut Expession #2 Thursday Sept. 27th 10-Noon
Glass Block Halloween Jar or light: Thursday Sept. 27th 1-3
I also have a list of classes that I am teaching at the Kenosha Hobby Lobby & in my Scrap It Girl Studio.  I hope to see you in class.

Beautiful Display Frame $40 Sept. 20

Pick a Letter & Create this for your door or wall.
Sept. 15th $28

Cricut Classes: Beginners, Advanced, Creating, and Expression 2

$25 Glass Block light or Candy Jar $25 Sept. 15 & Sept. 27

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