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Favorite Things Friday~ Tables & Chairs

Happy Friday~  So where do you find yourself crating most of the time?  Is it at the kitchen table?  At your computer desk?  Do you stand or sit?  Show us where you do most of your crafty stuff.  Here is where you can find some of my designers working hard.


I have about 8 tables in my work space but most of the time I work on a tiny vintage kids table.. I put it in front of the couch in the basement and craft in the dark..  When I am crafting during the day, I tend to stand in front of this tall table.  Where do you work?  Are you a mover too?  I can’t seem to sit still, so standing works best for me.

Share your pictures of your creative work desk or chair.

Crafty Storage Ideas, Scrap It Girl Style

Are you trying to stay cool and look for something to do inside over this hot weekend?  Why not organize your craft supplies?  Maybe you can hit a few thrift shops or garage sales.  Did you see the July 4th post by Julie over at Practical Scrappers?  If you didn’t, make sure you check out her post, she just shared some wonderful storage ideas for her craft supplies.  I loved her idea, so here I am with a similar post.  I love thrift stores, vintage shops, and garage sales for finding my crafty containers.
This is one of my favorite storage ideas.  It’s an old 7-Up crate.  I keep things in it that
I am using that week for classes.  It is really handy to use.  What’s really
nice is that most of my “most” needed supplies actually fit into those compartments.
I love mix matched glass jars mixed with my old jars and vintage finds.
Inside these containers I am storing  my old clothes pins, thread spools, trims, and scrabble pieces.
Storage for my paint brushes, mini spools, and wood letters.
Old Mason jars and gum ball machines for my buttons.   Behind the jars
you might notice a long basement window, it was perfect after I cleaned it up, painted it black
and added a rope to hang my tags or mini bingo cards from.
Here is an old wire trio of baskets perfect for my twin, rope,  and burlap.
I love the old shaped shadow boxes.  This one I used for some of my  bakers twine
& some of my mini vintage finds.I hope you enjoyed a peak at some of my favorite storage ideas.  I am constantly adding new things to my craft rooms.. or should I say, I am constantly adding “old”  things to my craft rooms.  What old things do you have in your craft room?   I hope I inspired you just a little bit to add some more old vintage finds to your craft rooms.By the way, I forgot to mention that this is the first post I did for Practical Scrappers.  Now that I am on their design team I will be sharing the same posts here and there, just in case you miss it.Practical Scrapper, Kimberly Congdon (Scrap It Girl)

Think Pink! When in doubt paint it pink!

Here are the photos of my 2 new “PINK” presents.   I wish I would of took a few before and after
photos.  They were really ugly before.  I love how they look like they were always in my room.  The bottom cabinet in this unit has a huge drawer and a huge shelf, perfect for my baskets and supplies for the stores.  I did some rearranging in the room and got rid of more things I didn’t need.  Thanks for looking.  I did add new photos to my craft room page. 
My $30 Garage Sale Find.. thanks for my neighbors.
This was yellow and gold… yuck!  I just need to add the other knob.

had to paint my frames the same color pink… now they really pop!
I received 3 of these frames for FREE.. 2 are pink one is vintage white

needed a touch of pink over in this corner, so I painted
my letter “S” the same pink.  My BF and I have that same cabinet so we
are having a painting party this week and will be painting it black! 

My newest cabinet.. $95 antique store.  My chicken wire cabinet..
it was green.. I am still trying to figure out what I will
put in it, that’s why it is empty.

My Craft Room Updates

I love this view, some of my favorite finds are in that corner.

This is supposed to be my work desk, but I never sit there. 

Tools, Inks, Misc. Items

This is the new setup for the classroom.  I can seat 18 in the classroom
for cards or 9 for scrapbooking classes.  I move the tables as needed.

To view more photos of my scraprooms go here: My Craft Space

I love changing this room around, especially when I find new things to add to the space.  I just had a Scrapbooking Garage sale and got rid of a ton of products, tools, and supplies… now I have more room for some new items.

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