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Favorite Things Friday: 4 Great Sites!

Favorite Things Friday: 4 Great Sites!

How many of you spend hours a day on-line looking for challenges, great storage ideas, design team calls or a place where you can go for a crop?  I did, I would spend hours looking at different sites.  I would get caught up on something else and 3 hours later, I forgot what I was doing.  Now I just check out a few of my favorite sites every day and I feel like I am up to date with what’s going on.  I am aware of the newest products, sneak peaks, challenges, all the design team calls, latest storage ideas, and I know what’s going on as far as classes in my home state.  My secret?  Easy, I just follow, stalk, and frequent these 4 sites.  With these 4 sites, you will get all the info you need!


I am a huge fan of getting the information I need quickly, so that I can spend more time creating, applying, organizing, or attending a class.

If you are not going to CHA this year, no worries PaperCrafter’s Corner  has been giving us sneak peeks and keeping you up to date with the latest CHA news.  This is my go to site for a quick update on what’s going on.  I read the industry related articles, check out the giveaways, and find out who is having a sale.    This is also the site that lists all of your events for FREE, yep, my classes are listed on this site, for free.  You can also use this site to look up your state to find out what is going on in your area.  You will be surprised to see how many scrapbooking stores are located just in your state.  Check out the interactive map on the PaperCrafter’s Corner site.

I love going to ScrapChallenge.com  since that is the first place I go to place my own monthly challenges.  I also take a peak to see if there is a challenge or contest I can enter.

Looking for a new storage idea for that collection of washi tape or twine?  Check out Craft Storage Ideas, I have found so many wonderful ideas.  I also like to see the fabulous rooms that other people craft in, I get inspired to reorganize my own craft-room.

My favorite site of the four is Design Team Calls.  This site is just full of great info.. it’s your one stop shop~  Full of great interviews, insider tips and advice!   I love how organized the site is and how much info I can get from one place.   Some of my favorite things to read are the articles pertaining to the designers, behind the scene news,  and the advice given by the craft professionals.  Of course the name of the site is Design Team Calls, so I do like the up to date listing of all design team calls.    You are able to get a lot of information from this site for FREE, however for more information or the “inside news” you can pay a small fee and become an “insider”.  I have an insider membership which gives you even more great information and a complete list of design team calls.   I have no problem paying a tiny fee when I see how often I actually use the site for all the inside goodies.  For a 6 month membership as an “Insider” it is only $9.90.   Seriously that is what I spend a day at Starbucks.

I strongly encourage you to check out all 4 sites, follow them and get on their email list.. you will save so much time. My favorite way to stay connected is through their Facebook pages, I literally check them out every day!   It’s the best way for me to get a quick dose of what’s going on in the crafting world.

Well, there it is.. my Favorite Things Friday…4 wonderful sites.

Now for a GIVE A WAY.. I will be giving away a 6 month membership to become an insider for the Design Team calls site.  Leave me a comment letting me know which of these sites are your favorite, or if you are new to them, let me know which one you think will be more useful to you.  Stop by all the sites and become a new fan… Have a great weekend~ I will announce a winner to the 6 month membership on July 27th.. so you have 2 weeks to enter.


  1. Marla H. says:

    It is  a toss up between the design team one and the craft storage because I have been trying out for a design teams for awhile and I love to keep my crafting things all organized and I constantly change how I organize things.

  2. I love the design team site AND the scrap challenge site! I really need to get caught up on my scrapping!!!! And the scrap challenge site REALLY inspires me!!! :)

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