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My real name is Kimberly Congdon and I live in Wisconsin. I am a paper craft instructor, designer, retailer and party planner. I started Scrap It Girl January 2008, after hosting my 1st paper crafts class in my home classroom. Ever since that first class I have expanded my studio and classroom space, added a mini store, and I now teach between 3-5 classes per week. I also sell kits, place orders, teach at other locations, host parties, crops, and have 2 other crafty websites. The best way to reach me is through my facebook page or email me at scrapitgirl@wi.rr.com Thank you

Up, Up & Away~

Every time I see a Hot Air Balloon I think of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  Poor girl missed her ride. Oh well I have 3 hot air balloons to share with you today.. and they are not going anywhere. I love them. Unique Laser Designs has by far the best embellishments ever. I made a tag, a mini album, and a wall décor project.  I have also taught one class using the hot air balloons.   Here is a look at 3 of my projects I created using the Hot Air Balloons along with a few other embellishments from Unique Laser Designs.


Wood Tag, Hot Air Balloon & Clouds

Wood Tag, Hot Air Balloon & Clouds

Glittered up Wall Decor.

Glittered up Wall Decor.

Mini Album cover using 5 ULD embellishments.

Mini Album cover using 5 ULD embellishments.

Working on the tag.

Working on the tag.

Hot Air Balloon looks great naked to.

Hot Air Balloon looks great naked to.

Honeycomb Stencil & Tag from ULD.

Honeycomb Stencil & Tag from ULD.































Here is the link to the

Hot Air Balloon $1

Honeycomb Stencil $3.50

Clouds 6 for $1.50

Tags 3 for $3.75


Favorite Things Friday~Stencils

Yep back with more stencil talk.. this time we are sharing pictures of our favorite stencils.  All you have to do is snap a picture and share your favorite stencils by linking up your picture here.

Here are our favorite stencils.. yes stencils.. because not one of us could  post a picture of only one.. looks like no one has a “real” favorite one.  But that’s ok~  Yes you can include your masks too~

We also posted a few ways we store our stencils, it was a few days ago.  How do you store your stencils?  You can add a link to that post to.

Use this Badge for your post

Use this Badge for your post

I have new wheels!

Today I am showing you another fabulous product by Unique Laser Designs that you may not of seen yet.  Take a look at this puzzle box.   I just love that you can easily connect it together after embellishing each side.  It is so much easier to decorate compared to orking on a solid cube or block.

I decided to paint each side gold.   I plan to distress the edges and I wanted to colors to match the Tim Holtz paper I used.


Here are the pieces before I got started.
You can piece it all together & paint or take it apart.
I used gold paint to cover each side.
I love the wheels from Tim Holtz.



Hinges from Tim Holtz.



Tin Star & a Door Fixture on two of the sides.


I added one of the ULD mustaches as a layer to the Tim Holtz Ruler.


I love the variety of Gears from ULD.



the top view.


Gears and wheels.. I added a vintage key and a key from Tim Holtz.


Although the inside is empty and I glued it all shut.. it is really interesting to look at and everyone that sees it has to push it to see if it really moves.. & YES it does.. It is a conversation piece in any room .. and if you Love Unique Laser Designs and Tim Holtz you can now see how well the two go together.  So if you have wheels.. you need to order a box.  The best part is all of the screws went through the wood sides with out any problems.. so those wheels are meant to last.. even though I did add extra adhesive.  I hope you enjoyed seeing another side of Unique Laser Designs.. I love that their is finally a hollow box that makes using all of our embellishments so much easier & fun.

Unique Laser Designer & Fan

Stencil Storage

Stencils, Stencils, Stencils.. they are everywhere.. oh and don’t forget about the masks too.  I love them both.. but trying to find the perfect storage is driving me crazy.  I need a specific storage container, cabinet, or drawer for everything.  I like organizing my supplies and I like to think I find the best storage solutions for it all, but when it comes to my stencils I have issues.

Here’s the problem.  Stencils vary in sizes.. at first I had only the small ones, under the 6×6 size.   Well then I had to get the Tim Holtz, Wendy Vecchi, Prima, Dylusions, and other odd size stencils.  So what once worked as a perfect stencil storage, changed quickly and frequently.  I have to tell you when the 12×12 stencils came out.. I tried to not buy any, since I wanted to store my stencils together.  But of course they are too cute to pass up.  I have this awesome black cabinet full of drawers that held my stencils for a very short time.  Once I outgrew that cabinet,  I moved my stencils & masks into a huge drawer.. but I didn’t like the cabinet in my craft room, so I moved them again.  Then I had this metal basket that fits perfectly in my Ikea cart.. however the big stencils don’t fit the way I want.  So then I tried a basic basket and I hang the 12×12′s on a board I made.  This worked but the stencils are getting tight in there & if I have loose ones they tend to get tangled up in the basket and they sag.. so now I switched to a magazine organizer which seems to work great.












Well as of  right now it works.. until I get way too many and need to add another matching magazine container.  (which I already  have for back up)

Ok so once you find your storage container for your stencils.. next question.  Do you store them in the original package? Or do you take them out?  I try to store them in the original packaging so I can keep track of whose is whose.. plus it keeps them from getting tangled.  Once the packaging tears , I toss them.. maybe I should use a sharpie and label them all.

For your viewing pleasure, here are few different places I stored my stencils in the past.


some multiple sizes of stencils & masks

photo 1

Here is the basket I once used.

photo 2

View of the 12×12′s hanging & the old basket.

photo 3

previous solution, my cart and metal basket

photo 4

I originally used these drawers.

photo 5

loved the over-size drawer, just didn’t like the cabinet.. to picky!































Since I bored you with my stencil dilemma..  I think you deserve a prize.   Link up a photo of your current stencil storage solution.. the best solution will win this set of goodies.

  1.  6×6 Ronda Palazzari Mini Fancy Feathers stencil by TCW (The Crafters workshop)
  2. Balzer Bits Number Mask
  3. wood feather from Unique Laser Designs
  4. wood tag from Unique Laser Designs

best stencil storage wins this

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